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Know the history of your home...

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A current home inspection can alert you to current issues but
wouldn't you a like a chance to know all the past issues?

Before buying a home you deserve to know "ALL" of the available facts.

Let us check our database and sources for past home inspections and/or even a 4 point inspection which is frequently required for insurance purposes.

A history of past performances and issues can be one of the best indicators of future performance and expectations.

The knowledge of previous issues are vital in determining whether or not those issues were properly corrected and can bring to light the possibility of reoccurring problems. When looking for latent or concealed defects, knowing where to look is the hardest thing; previous information can help focus attention where it is most likely needed.

Not only is it good to know the present conditions, we think it is equally important to know the condition of the home the last time it may have been inspected.

Without discounting a current home inspection, please keep in mind that a home inspection is only a snapshot in time. A home inspection does nothing more then tell us the conditions of building components the day it was done.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new home inspection, let us check our database and sources to see if we have any past inspections (home inspections and/or 4 point inspections) for the home you are interested in. Simply fill out the following form and click on the "Buy Now" button, its that easy. Our search will begin immediately and you will receive an email with all available information within 24 hours.


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